Video: Super Bowl Sunday Political Shows

Here’s the best political news I can bring you, all the major candidates and their appearances on the Sunday political talk shows from today, Sunday, February 3, 2008. I figured when you’re done watching the game, you can come watch politics again and I’ve got all of the day’s interviews for you right here.

I’ve organized them by candidate below.

First, since he only appeared on one show, is Barack Obama’s entire interview this morning on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. It’s in 2 parts and they’ll play automatically:

Next, Mitt Romney’s short appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos from this morning:

Romney barely had time there, I’m thinking he wasn’t the flavor of the week like Obama, Clinton, and McCain.

Anyway, next are the videos of John McCain’s appearances this morning. First, he was on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer:

Next, McCain appeared on Fox News Sunday:

Finally, Hillary Clinton was on This Week and Fox News Sunday. Here is her This Week interview first:

Last but not least, here is Hillary Clinton’s Fox News Sunday interview:

All-in-all, they seem to have their messages down and we’ll see what happens moving into Super Tuesday.

Tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, I’ll have up a complete Super Tuesday rundown with polls, predictions, and all relevant information such as which states are actually voting. Heading into tomorrow we’ll be in Super Tuesday mode and provide all the important coverage.

Thoughts and comments anyone?