Oprah Returns To Campaign For Obama In California

She’s back for Obama, this time headlining events in California.

Story from The Caucus:

ALBUQUERQUE – Oprah is on the way.

On Sunday, Oprah Winfrey is returning to the presidential campaign trail to headline a California event for Senator Barack Obama. The Obama campaign has yet to announce details, but people familiar with the event say the television talk show magnate will join Michelle Obama at a campaign rally in the Los Angeles area.

The goal? Closing the gap with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in California before Tuesday’s primary. The target? Women voters.

It has been nearly two months since Ms. Winfrey made her debut on the trail, drawing tens of thousands of people to arenas in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Mr. Obama won Iowa and South Carolina, which aides attribute to the attention stirred by Ms. Winfrey. (Particularly the landslide South Carolina victory.)

Arguably she may have helped his landslide victory in South Carolina but will it do him any good going into Super Tuesday? The trend has him on the upswing and Hillary sort of leveling out or sliding down a bit.

Polls have him down a little over 10 points in California so it’s not entirely off the table for him.

Still, the bottom line for me is that for Obama, Oprah has been good for a victory about 66% of the time. I say that because she campaigned in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina a couple months ago. Of the three, Obama took South Carolina and Iowa. I think Obama has a lot of prominent Democratic supporters but just not the depth Hillary Clinton seems to have.

Oprah is good for headlines, I don’t think she translated into votes on the same scale, nor will she for Super Tuesday.


Could Al Gore be on the verge of endorsing Obama?

After reading this from The Atlantic, it seems possible:

Gore has already seen one presidency (his own) slip away over a handful of votes. He must have pondered how it would feel to play kingmaker and shore up someone else’s path to the White House.

A well-connected Tennesseean told me two things today that got me thinking about this. The first is that Obama and Gore have been speaking regularly, about every two weeks or so. The second is that, despite this, and despite Tennessee’s primary on Tuesday, Obama has not visited the state since June. It may be simply that he does not plan on competing there. Or it may be that he’s been waiting for a special occasion.

Could that be the bombshell to put Obama over Clinton?