Conservative Disdain For McCain Reaches A Boiling Point – Updated

Conservatives from Limbaugh to Coulter have been crying foul over McCain for weeks now. It seems to be hitting a boiling point. There are so many stories and videos illustrating how McCain is indeed dividing some factions of the Republican Party that it can’t be ignored.

First, from the O’Reilly Factor yesterday, Senator Rick Santorum and conservative talk radio host Monica Crowley explain why McCain isn’t the favorite of conservatives:

I think Santorum hit the nail on the head which is that for conservatives, McCain always seems to abandon the conservative position on all the major issues in search of “bipartisanship”. Still, his rating on the background issues is much more conservative than either Democratic candidate but you wouldn’t know it.

Next, Ann Coulter declared that she will vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. Yes, she really did:

See, at that point it seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Aside from these videos, Rush Limbaugh has been all over the news as being quoted that McCain or Huckabee would “destroy the Republican Party”. Thomas Sowell came out today with an article attacking McCain’s record as well. The list goes on and on for conservative angst with McCain.

I honestly don’t think any of this is going to matter in the long run. I think that McCain has the ability to win a general election based on a mixture of Republican, Independent, and some Democratic votes. He is one Republican who doesn’t actually need the conservative base of the Republican Party for a victory.

I guess the question here is, if you’re a conservative, do you vote for McCain over the Democratic nominee or sit this one out?

I know, I’m basically writing off Romney as a possible nominee here but this is just for argument’s sake.


Abe Greenwald writes for Commentary Magazine and comes down hard on the conservative pundits who have it out for McCain:

The rabid strain of anti-McCain sentiment among media conservatives is, in fact, a betrayal of one of the most important principles of conservatism itself: the willingness to work with the concrete facts of a situation. The great strength of a politically conservative mindset is that it’s predicated on seeing the world as it is. When Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, and Rush Limbaugh threaten to deny McCain their vote because he’s not an ideal conservative, they come off more like quixotic Ron Paul undergrads or deluded moveon.orgers than like the realists they pride themselves on being.

If it’s McCain’s lack of a consistent political philosophy that truly bothers this lot, then they can’t possibly mean it when they say they prefer Hillary. We know that the only politics she practices, and the only philosophy she abides, is that of the ferociously personal. So, what the McCain-haters are really doing is protesting the sub-Reagan Republican.

Strong words and I think this will be the ongoing discussion within the Republican Party if McCain indeed becomes the nominee. You can read Greenwald’s entire article here.