Video: CNN Republican Debate From California – 1/30/08

Here is the entire debate video of the CNN Republican Debate from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on January 30, 2008.

It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically:

It was pretty raucous between Romney and McCain, in fact, somewhat personally heated at times. Paul and Huckabee were snubbed and were basically there as bookends. The vast majority of questions were pitched to Romney and McCain.

Here’s a report on the debate from CNN:

SIMI VALLEY, California (CNN) — Front-runners John McCain and Mitt Romney attacked each other’s conservative credentials as they fought for their party’s top spot during the final showdown before the Super Tuesday contests.

The sharpest exchange in the debate came when Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, was asked about the McCain campaign’s charge that he once said he favored a strict timetable for removing troops from Iraq.

Romney has consistently denied ever having backed a timetable and said McCain was taking a small portion of a quote out of context.

“It’s simply wrong,” Romney said. “By the way, raising it a few days before the Florida primary, when there was very little time for me to correct the record, falls in the kind of dirty tricks that Ronald Reagan would have found reprehensible.”

Romney did what he could to stop McCain’s momentum and the general consensus seems to be that McCain looked weak at times. Romney seemed to do fairly well at trying to drill at McCain’s so-called “conservative credentials”.

What did you all think?


The “Reag-O-Meter”:

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