Obama Rakes In Cash, Hand Over Fist $32 Million

Story from Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama raised $32 million in the single month of January, a whopping figure that has permitted the campaign to boost staff and extend advertising to states beyond the sweeping Feb. 5 contests, aides said Thursday.

Obama is now advertising in 20 of the 22 states in play for next week’s Super Tuesday and plans to begin advertising in seven more states that hold primaries or caucuses later in February. Rival Hillary Rodham Clinton is advertising in 12 Super Tuesday states, including her own home state of New York.

With John Edwards out of the race, Clinton and Obama are in a fierce race for delegates to secure the nomination. Feb. 5 offers the biggest single opportunity for delegates, but is impossible for either one to seal the nomination on that day.

John Edwards dropping out can only help Obama as Edwards’ supporters tend to be a little more anti-Clinton.

Obama still has an ATM to withdrawal from as well:

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said the campaign attracted 170,000 new donors for a total of 650,000 donors overall. The $32 million raised in one month matches the campaign’s best three-month fundraising period in 2007, when the campaign raised $30 million in primary money and $2 million for the general. The money raised in January was all for the primaries.

Most of those donors haven’t donated near the maximum either. Which means, if Obama does well on Super Tuesday, I think the cash will continue pouring in.

Hillary Clinton is now walking the tight line between fair campaigning and downright nastiness it seems. If she continues to turn people toward Obama, Super Tuesday will look more like a tie than a victory for either candidate.

Plus, Gallup is showing Obama has risen 11 points in the past week:

The latest Democratic numbers show Hillary Clinton with a 43% to 39% advantage over Barack Obama among Democratic voters nationwide. That 4-point lead is the narrowest since early January, and it is a continuation of gains by Obama.

On Jan. 20, Obama was at 28. Today he’s sitting pretty at 39. Hillary has seen the opposite trend going from 48 down to 43 over the same time period.

We’ll see how this all plays out at the CNN Democratic Debate tonight at 8pm eastern, join us here for the live chat.