Republican Debate Tonight on CNN @ 8pm ET

Tonight, Wednesday, January 30, 2008, will be the final Republican debate before Super Tuesday. It will begin on CNN at 8pm eastern time from Simi Valley, California.

Here’s a story on it from Multichannel News:

Anchor Anderson Cooper will moderate the Republican candidates’ debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Jim VandeHei, executive editor of the POLITICO, and Janet Hook, senior political correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, will serve as panelists questioning the candidates.

It will be 90 minutes long and it will be down to the wire for Mitt Romney who’s go to stop this McCain momentum before Super Tuesday.

We’ll have more coverage tomorrow along with some preview video.

Update @ 3:52pm ET

Here’s a little preview video from CNN followed be a nifty time lapse of the debate site setup:

John McCain will indeed be playing the conservative card on tax cuts, Iraq, and probably border security. Perhaps the issue of abortion may come as well. Romney, I believe, will be trying to play the “McCain’s a liberal” card instead. Huckabee will be there to survive. Ron Paul will have the same message, maybe a little stronger since we’re now heading into Super Tuesday, Feb. 5th.

I think it will be a good debate tonight. It all begins at 8pm eastern time, 5pm pacific on CNN. We’ll have a live chat during the debate and of course, post-debate analysis followed by the entire video.


Here’s some analysis and video clips:

CNN Republican California Debate Analysis


Here’s the full video:

Video: CNN Republican Debate From California – 1/30/08