Analysis: CNN Republican Debate From California

It’s about 8:25pm ET and so far it has been pretty mild. Romney has tried to attack McCain brining up the record and the normal things conservatives bash McCain on.

It’s been a Romney/McCain fest with Huckabee and Paul getting only a few words in.

So far, I think Romney’s going down in flames, he has not gone after McCain any harder than he did in previous debates. He’s got some time now to turn it around but if he doesn’t, McCain is basically going into Super Tuesday unchallenged.

Update @ 9:03pm ET

Finally, McCain and Romney are going at it over the Iraq timetable withdrawal question. Romney’s showing his strength here. They are seriously going back and forth over this issue.

Here’s a video clip of McCain talking immigration:

Update @ 9:36pm ET

It’s over, a few minutes over time. Romney dominated in terms of time since there were no time limits on answers. McCain spent the second amount and it seemed that Paul and Huckabee shared about 20 minutes or so.

Romney clearly won the sound bite war but McCain came off fairly strong as well. I don’t know if it will be enough to give Romney some victories in Super Tuesday but right now, I don’t think he knocked McCain down all that much.


Here’s another clip of McCain and Romney going at each other:

And one more clip:

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Working on the entire video, will have it up later tonight, check back then if you missed it all.


Here’s the full video:

Video: CNN Republican Debate From California – 1/30/08