Democrats to Bill Clinton: Put a sock in it!

From Fox News:

Like lovers scorned, Bill Clinton’s longtime liberal supporters are walking out on him, slamming the door behind them and rebuking the 42nd president for his behavior leading up to last weekend’s South Carolina primary.

Clinton’s base seems to be eroding fast as liberal Democratic stalwarts join up with Barack Obama, whose message of change seems now to apply not only to the Bush Administration of the last seven years, but the eight-year Clinton Administration that preceded it.

Obama’s biggest “get” was Sen. Ted Kennedy, who abandoned his neutrality in the presidential race and endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton on Monday. While Obama insists the Massachusetts senator’s endorsement was not a repudiation of anyone, it was clear that Kennedy – along with his niece Caroline Kennedy and son Rep. Patrick Kennedy — had reached beyond the Clintons to pass the mantle of the Democratic party’s liberal wing to Obama.

And while the Kennedys may open the floodgates, they were hardly the first liberals to abandon the Clintons for Obama. In recent weeks the Clintons have watched many of their supporters drift to the young senator from Illinois.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the Democrats’ 2004 presidential candidate, endorsed Obama recently. On Tuesday, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius climbed aboard, the morning after she delivered the Democrats’ rebuttal speech to President Bush’s State of the Union address.

Even novelist Toni Morrison, who once called Bill Clinton the “first black president,” has come out for Obama.

Liberal criticism of the Clintons has come from inside and outside the Beltway, from former supporters and colleagues. It ranges from the thinly veiled to the blatant:

Yours truly predicted this backlash and sometime prior to the Iowa Caucuses I made mention this could happen as a result of Hillary’s tactics. She and Bill really have been saying anything and everything to get her elected. Now the response from various former supporters of the Clinton Machine:

Robert Reich, former Clinton labor secretary, on his personal blog: “Bill Clinton’s ill-tempered and ill-founded attacks on Barack Obama are doing no credit to the former President, his legacy, or his wife’s campaign. Nor are they helping the Democratic party … Now, sadly, we’re witnessing a smear campaign against Obama that employs some of the worst aspects of the old politics.”

Leahy: “He is not helping anyone, and certainly not helping the Democratic Party.” (The Washington Post)

Columnist Nicholas von Hoffman: “By the time Hillary and Bill have finished with Obama the real man may be unrecognizable to voters in Iowa or any place else … If he can wipe enough of the Clintonian slime off himself, Obama may be able to come out from under and explain to the world that sometimes less experience is more and better.” (The Nation)

Columnist/Editor Jonathan Chait: “Am I starting to sound like a Clinton hater? It’s a scary thought. Of course, to conservatives, it’s a delicious thought. The Wall Street Journal published a gloating editorial noting that liberals had suddenly learned “what everyone else already knows about the Clintons.” (By “everyone,” it means Republicans.) It made me wonder: Were the conservatives right about Bill Clinton all along?” (The Los Angeles Times).

Columnist Maureen Dowd: “It’s odd that the first woman with a shot at becoming president is so openly dependent on her husband to drag her over the finish line. She handed over South Carolina to him, knowing that her support here is largely derivative.” (The New York Times)

E.J. Dionne Jr.: “That’s why the Clintons’ assault on Obama is so depressing. In many ways, Obama is running the 2008 version of the 1992 Clinton campaign. You have the feeling that if Bill Clinton did not have another candidate in this contest, he’d be advising Obama and cheering him on.” (The Washington Post)

Al Sharpton: “But I think that it’s time for him to just be quiet. I think it’s time for him to stop. As one of the most outspoken people in America, there is a time to shut up, and I think that time has come.” (On The View)

Kerry: “I think you had an abuse of the truth … I mean, being an ex-president does not give you license to abuse the truth, and I think that over the last few days it’s been over the top.” (On National Journal radio)

Daschle: “… this backbiting, bitter give-and-take that we’re beginning to see more and more of, especially from the Clinton campaign. It’s wrong. Everybody know it’s wrong and it’s got to stop … It’s not presidential. It’s not in keeping with the image of a former president.”

I actually got a laugh out of Al Sharpton’s remark. However it’s what many people have been saying for a while and I suppose it’s mostly true of the statement that it’s been originally from the direction of republicans, but nonetheless proving to have been an accurate assessment as now you see it coming from the staunchest Democrats and supporters.

Shaun Omac and I had a conversation about this very situation on his show in which he was interviewing me and I again reiterated this very same assessment right after the South Carolina debate. It’s getting to be undeniable that Hillary is in some serious trouble. No one candidate can acquire the necessary amount of votes to secure the nomination and with this kind of rumbling in the Democratic National Party, I ask again, how can she be expected to receive the backing of the DNC when they decide who to choose? Hillary could very possibly be done. If the negative momentum continues, I might can say the same for Bill. Divorce anyone?

(Disclaimer: my views,opinions, jokes and wisecracks do not reflect that of Shaun Omac or his radio show.)

P.S. I don’t think anyone really cares who Uncle Alkie er I mean Ted Kennedy supports. Drink another one Ted.