Kennedy’s Endorse Obama – Video Added

Not quite Oprah, but major players in the Democratic Party.

Story from Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Two generations of Kennedys—the Democratic Party’s best known political family—endorsed Barack Obama for president on Monday, with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy calling him a “man with extraordinary gifts of leadership and character,” a worthy heir to his assassinated brother.

“I feel change in the air,” Kennedy said in remarks salted with scarcely veiled criticism of Obama’s chief rival for the nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as her husband, the former president.

“I have marveled at his grit and grace,” he said of the man a full generation younger than he is.

Kennedy’s endorsement was ardently sought by all three of the remaining presidential contenders, and he delivered it at a pivotal time in the race. A liberal lion in his fifth decade in the Senate, the Massachusetts senator is in a position to help Obama court Hispanic voters as well as rank-and-file members of labor unions, two key elements of the Democratic Party.

He is expected to campaign actively for Obama in the days before a string of delegate-rich primaries and caucuses across 24 states on Feb. 5, beginning later this week in Arizona, New Mexico and California.

For Obama, that makes a sweep of liberal Massachusetts senators. First Kerry, now Kennedy.

Apparently Bill Clinton was on the phone trying to persuade Teddy not to make the endorsement. However, it was good ‘ol Bill that sent him over the edge:

The Massachusetts senator had remained on the sideline of the presidential campaign for months, saying he was friends with Obama, Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, as well as several Senate colleagues who are no longer in the race.

Lately, according to several associates, Kennedy became angered with what he viewed as racially divisive comments by Bill Clinton. Nearly two weeks ago, he played a personal role in arranging a brief truce between the Clintons and Obama on the issue.

I’m wondering if Bill’s remarks had a greater effect on voters overall. I mean, if he persuaded the Kennedy’s simply because of his comments, perhaps he turned off a decent amount of voters.


Here’s all the pertinent video. First, Caroline Kennedy, then Uncle Teddy, then finally Obama accepts them both.

Haven’t seen Ted that fired up since he couldn’t pronounce Obama’s name:

That video/sound will never get old.