Candidates React To Bush’s Last State Of The Union Address

Many candidates wasted no time in issuing reactions, and responses, to President Bush’s final State Of The Union Address delivered earlier tonight.

First, Barack Obama apparently had a video statement prepared, here is his response:

Next, Hillary Clinton also issued a response via her website:

Tonight President Bush claimed that the state of our union is strong. And we can all debate that. But what is not up for debate is that for too many American families, the true “state of their lives” is one of economic anxiety and uncertainty.

As I’ve traveled across the country and visited with people in their homes, I have listened to the urgent problems they face. These families are resolute, and when it comes to their strength, optimism and hard work, the state of our union has never been stronger. Yet after seven years of stagnant wages, declining incomes and increasing inequality, our families are working harder and harder and still falling behind.

President Bush had one final chance tonight to acknowledge what the American people have known for years: that the economy is not working for middle class families. Unfortunately, what he offered was more of the same – a frustrating commitment to the same failed policies that helped turn record surpluses into large deficits, and push a thriving twenty-first century economy to the brink of recession.

Hillary’s goes on much longer, you can read the full statement here

John Edwards issued a response on his website which you can read here.

Next, many Republican candidates issued responses as well.

Mitt Romney posted a video response on his website:

You can also read Romney’s remarks here.

John McCain responded to the press, story from the AP:

“I applaud the president’s efforts to reduce earmarks and their influence on federal government spending. Earmarks and pork-barrel spending steal valuable taxpayer dollars from national priorities, skew the budget process, and have led to corruption among lawmakers.” — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Mike Huckabee released a statement from his website here:

“The President tonight gave a strong and articulate speech in which he reminded Americans of the many accomplishments of his administration. Difficult as it has been, we are making progress in Iraq and Afghanistan. All Americans should take pride in the accomplishments of our warriors, under the superb leadership of General Petraeus. We need — and must provide for — the strongest and most effective military in the world, to protect ourselves and our key allies. In addition, here on the homefront, we must continue our vigilance in the war on terror — and insist on the best possible care for veterans, their spouses and their dependents — beginning with my Veterans Bill of Rights.”

Huckabee’s is much longer, you can read it in full here.

Just a note, I couldn’t find any reaction from Ron Paul or Rudy Giuliani. If you find any statements, leave them in the comments and I’ll update the story with them.