Barack Obama Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

Obama has taken South Carolina in a landslide victory winning by a solid 27 percentage points.

First, here’s Obama’s entire victory speech in two parts:

Many veiled shots at the Clinton machine and overall it was a good speech for Obama.

Next, here’s a report on it from Fox News:

Barack Obama crushed top rival Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday, in a decisive victory that could reinvigorate his campaign after suffering back-to-back losses to the New York senator.

Clinton came in a distant second behind Obama and John Edwards took another third place slot. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Obama had 55 percent, Clinton had 27 percent and Edwards had 18 percent.

The Palmetto State primary was the last vote for Democrats before Super Tuesday Feb. 5, when 24 states hold primaries and caucuses for both parties. Obama, who won the lead-off Iowa caucuses Jan. 3, was looking for a clear and fresh victory after placing second to Clinton in the New Hampshire primary and in Nevada.

Speaking to a raucous crowd of supporters attending his victory party, Obama said that South Carolina proves Iowa was no fluke.

The Clinton camp will be licking some wounds and continuing with their national strategy. For Obama, it’s a stretch of positive media heading into Super Tuesday. The most astonishing part being his 27 point victory.

Had Bill Clinton not been so outspoken in South Carolina, I don’t think the margin of Obama’s victory would have been so large. Maybe 10 or 15 points. What happened was a backlash by Democratic voters against the Clinton campaign in my opinion.