Official South Carolina Democratic Primary Results

It’s hitting just about 7pm eastern time and polls will be closing in the next couple minutes. Refresh this post for the latest.

55 – Obama – Winner
27 – Clinton
18 – Edwards

99% Precincts Reporting

We’ll have the latest as soon as results start coming in

Refresh this post for the latest.

Update @ 7pm ET

Fox News and CNN are projecting Barack Obama the winner.

Update @ 7:14pm ET

Results are finally beginning to trickle in but Obama’s poised to take an easy victory, maybe 10-15 points ahead of Clinton. I’ll keep this updated periodically but Obama is definitely the winner in South Carolina, as we all predicted he would be.

To me, this clearly has setup a deep racial divide in the Democratic Party. A party that is supposed to be colorblind on candidates yet this become a major issue and was clearly the tipping point in South Carolina.