Video: MSNBC Republican Debate From Florida – 1/24/08

Here is the entire video of the MSNBC Republican Debate from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton on January 24, 2008. It was moderate by Brian Williams and Tim Russert.

It’s in 9 parts hosted on YouTube, they’ll advance automatically:

Here’s a report on it from My Way:

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) – Republican presidential contenders depicted Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as weak on Iraq and certain to raise taxes Thursday night, setting aside their own campaign debate squabbles long enough to agree that she is unworthy of the White House.

“She is so out of step with the American people,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, joined by Sen. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani in criticizing the former first lady.

The chorus of criticism came as Republicans strived to present their credentials as advocates of tax cuts, particularly to head off the threat of recession. They generally agreed that the newly minted, bipartisan economic stimulus package was a good start but did not go far enough.

“I will vote for it,” said McCain, the only contender on stage with a Senate seat. He quickly added he wants the tax cuts President Bush won from Congress in 2001 and 2003 to be made permanent.

I found it quite boring but laden with substance. Much debate over taxes and economic policy. I didn’t hear any very fiscally conservative opinions that the government shouldn’t be sending out checks in the form of a “stimulus package”, they all tended to agree on that being just fine. They also agreed on tax cuts, who would have thought?

All in all, I don’t think this will sway much, McCain came out unscathed as did Romney. Huckabee didn’t pull too much and I think he’s going down in Florida. Giuliani also didn’t do much of anything that would have saved his campaign. Ron Paul was his usual anti-war self going against the grain of the other candidates.

What did you all think?