MSNBC Florida Republican Debate Analysis 1/24

So far, for the first section, I think McCain has shined actually. He went largely unchallenged.

Romney and Giuliani were average.

Here’s a report from Breitbart:

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) – Leading Republican presidential contenders agreed in a campaign debate Thursday night that the newly minted economic stimulus package marks a good start, but does not do enough to cut taxes.

“It’s something I support and I look forward to taking it further,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who backs permanent tax cuts along with the rebates that are at the heart of the bipartisan agreement between President Bush and House leaders.

“I will vote for it,” said Sen. John McCain, the only contender on stage with a Senate seat. He quickly added he wants the tax cuts Bush won from Congress in 2001 and 2003 to be made permanent.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani responded along similar lines in the opening moments of a debate five days before the pivotal Florida presidential primary. “I think this package for what it does is OK and I would support it, but I think it does not go far enough,” he said. “We should be very aggressive.”

The economy has become the most important issue in the campaign, particularly with fears of a recession rising.

It’s been a yawn so far really. Most of the same questions asked and answered already. I think this bodes well for McCain who will come out largely unscathed. Hopefully for Romney, he didn’t shine too much to take back a lead in Florida.

More analysis and video clips to come soon.

Update @ 10:16pm ET

Here’s a couple video clips from MSNBC:

More to come along with the full video later tonight.

More clips in a YouTube playlist:

More to come later…

Update @ 10:36pm ET

It’s all done and it was a snore. Nothing new really learned. Working on the full video and I’ll have it up later tonight.

Update @ 11:08 pm ET

Our very own Angry American is giving live post-debate analysis on Shaun OMac Radio:

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I’ll post the embed once they’re finished.


Here’s the full video:

Video: MSNBC Republican Debate From Florida – 1/24/08