Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday on the horizon, campaigns are shifting gears and strategies for the final stretch. Ultimately we’ll come down to two candidates and watch several drop outs occur. Then comes the VP speculation. Who’s going to be the running mate for the chosen candidates of each party and how much impact will that choice have?

Well in the past, the chosen running mate has had little to no effect on a given candidate’s run with a few exceptions. Clearly nobody wanted to see George H.W. Bush in office again with an imbecile such Dan “potatoe” Quayle as his second in command. However we settled for a George W. Bush with Dick” I accidentally shot him in the face” Cheney.

So with all that being said we can move ahead to the strategies and predictions. McCain will be shifting his strategy towards New York in an effort to thump Giuliani, while Romney and Giuliani will be focused on Florida and other large delegate numebred states such as California. Huckabee will most likely be riding off into the sunset as his campaign staff dwindles and the remaining staff takes paycuts in order to garner as much air time as they can in the Super Tuesday states. Ron Paul will be lingering in the single digits even though he has perhaps the most sizable warchest of all candidates and most likely will bow out rather quickly come Super Tuesday. I have no clue what’s with Ron Paul supporters but you really should get it through your head, he’s through.

That brings us to Obama and Clinton and as far as I can tell it’s going to continue to be a slug fest with these two throughout the rest of the Super Tuesday contest and there isn’t very much of an indicator who will come out on top although there is one definite certainty, that being that Edwards will have no chance and will be expected to bow out at some point during the day as the results flow in.

As for any possible Veep predictions, it’s a complete wash in that Obama and Clinton in my opinion would best do well with Richardson as a possible VP, with Clinton able to draw from nearly anywhere to pick up a VP to compliment her but one thing is for certain I wouldn’t count on an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket. On the republican side where things are so uncertain it’s nearly impossible to predict who would be a frontrunner in the VP slot. Huckabee and Thompson could possibly be tapped, but it wouldn’t be too far out side of rational speculation to find a republican candidate tapping a female VP in the event Clinton wins the Democratic ticket.

We’ll have more as the race develops heading into Super Tuesday, until then Happy Mardi Gras…I’ll be the drunk guy on the float hurling beads at unsuspecting passersby…..(Any chance Ron Paul will be in the crowd?)