Analysis: The CNN Democratic Debate From Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s about 8:24 pm eastern and CNN Democratic Debate from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is starting to heat up.

The question began with Wolf asking Obama about Clinton’s claims that Obama can’t account for ways to pay for his economic plans. Obama said both the Clintons were basically lying about it. I’ll have the clip of the exchange up in about 30 minutes.

They are still talking about it, this is the first major outbursts between the two and finally, for the first time, the gloves have come off between Clinton and Obama.

More analysis and video to come shortly.

Update @ 8:28pm est

They’re still going at it, Edwards is whining that there are 3 people there to debate. Best Democratic debate so far. Tune in to the live feed at for the fireworks.

Update @ 8:47pm est

Obama’s getting it from both sides now, Edwards is taking him to task over voting “present” in the Illinois legislature. So far Edwards wasn’t getting into it but I think he just opened the floodgates. The remainder of this debate is probably going to be spent responding to what the other candidate says.

Update @ 9pm est

It’s turned slightly more civil as a debate over the issues, not the personal attacks. Big discussion about who can provide the most health insurance coverage. Obama’s actually been able to hold his own taking attacks from Clinton and Edwards. Video clips coming soon.

Here’s 4 minutes of what happened in the first hour between Obama and Clinton:

They both came off a little sharp towards each other. I don’t think it benefited either one but the charges had to be answered. At first, Edwards was above it all but he’s attacked Obama several times since then. More clips coming soon.

Update @ 9:30pm est

Here’s 10 minutes of the first hour:

Who’s coming out on top in all this? I’m not sure yet.

Update @ 9:45pm est

Turned the YouTube clips into a playlist and added a second clip where Hillary was booed over attacking Obama’s “present” votes in the Illinois legislature.

Update @ 10:01pm est

It’s just about over. Only 2 hours, thought it was going to be 3. More clips and analysis to come along with the full video later tonight if you missed the fireworks. Last question about Martin Luther King’s legacy and if each candidate thinks he’d endorse them.

Update @ 10:42pm est

Full debate video is coming in a couple hours. There will be a new post with it and I’ll update this post with a link once it’s up on YouTube.


Our very own “Angry American” was on the air right after the debate on Shaun OMac Radio with some post debate analysis:

Still working on the full debate video, will be up soon. There will be a new post when it’s up.


Here’s the entire debate video:

Video: CNN Democratic Debate From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina