Video: Obama Finally Unloads On The Clintons

Monday morning on Good Morning America, the full interview will be airing in which Obama goes after Bill Clinton for some “troubling” attacks as Obama calls them.

Here’s a short preview video from ABC:

Also, here’s the full story from ABC News:

Sen. Barack Obama says he’s ready to confront former President Bill Clinton, calling his advocacy on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign, “troubling.”

In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts to air Monday on “Good Morning America,” Obama, D-Ill., directly engages Bill Clinton on a series of issues.

“You know the former president, who I think all of us have a lot of regard for, has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling,” Obama said. “He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts — whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas.

“This has become a habit, and one of the things that we’re going to have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate,” Obama said.

Watch the full interview on “Good Morning America” Monday at 7 a.m. ET.

I don’t blame Obama. It’s as if he’s running against the Clinton’s instead of the candidate Hillary Clinton. Still, on the other hand, I don’t fault Hillary for trying to capitalize on her husband’s popularity amongst Democrats. I think Bill has been a little loose with the comments lately and Obama is finally going to call him on it.

I will update this story tomorrow with the entire video in case you miss it.


The full interview:

He does indeed say Bill is lying about some of the happenings in Vegas, isn’t that “unloading” enough? He is accusing him of fibbing to the media and the public about voter intimidation. He could have just ignored but he’s making a bit of a stand on it, perhaps to save his own dignity and not allow Bill’s accusations to unanswered.


I updated the video, found a better copy of the full 6 minutes or so from YouTube.