Video: Giuliani, Romney on Sunday Political Shows 1/20/08

Just to toss these in before the day is out, here are the videos of Rudy Giuliani on ABC’s This Week and Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday.

First, here’s Giuliani’s appearance:

A take on the appearance from The Trail:

Rudolph Giuliani, the man missing from the opening rounds of the Republican nomination process, opened a two-week campaign for Florida on Sunday by shifting to a new topic: the economy.

Declaring that he would implement the largest tax cut in history, the former New York mayor said, “The case for me is that I am the strongest fiscal conservative in the race, and that I have a record of supporting tax cuts.”

By contrast, Giuliani said on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), who won the South Carolina primary Saturday on the heels of a victory in New Hampshire, voted against Bush tax cuts “and sided with the Democrats.”

The change in subject was noticeable and significant for Giuliani, who had framed his campaign largely around his national security platform, in part through his experiences running New York after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and in part to alleviate concern among party faithful about his moderate views on abortion and gay rights.

I keep reminding people that his strategy never was to win any early states. However, it appears as though he may be paying a big price for that strategy simple because the perception is now that he’s faltering and have trouble. We’ll see what happens in Florida but he’s nowhere near the position he was just a few months ago as the national front runner.

Next, Romney’s appearance on Fox News Sunday:

Here’s a report from UPI:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UPI) — Mitt Romney said Sunday he is confident he will beat John McCain in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the former Massachusetts governor said his economic experiences should allow him to beat senator from Arizona and his Washington resume when it comes to capturing the Republican presidential nomination.

“If they want somebody instead who’s been in the real economy over the last 25, 30 years, who understands why jobs come and why they go, and understands what it takes to grow an economy, then I think I’ll be their person,” Romney said of U.S. voters.

Romney also said his lack of experience in Washington was actually a positive as it would take an outsider to facilitate change in the federal government.

“And I just don’t think that somebody who has spent their life inside Washington, that has lobbyists on every elbow, that’s been chairman of one committee or another and has all those connections, all the favors that are owed and are — owed in return, all of the scores to settle, I just don’t think that’s going to get Washington fixed,” the former governor said.

This is the first time I’ve heard that a “lack of experience” is a positive aspect. If that’s so, then Obama should be towing the same line which I think he has been by putting forth “change”.

Romney has a shot in Florida. In fact, McCain, Giuliani, Romney, and Huckabee all have a shot as the polls show the four of them within 4-5 points right now. Still 9 days to Florida so there will be plenty of campaigning time for all of them. Plus, there is a chance we could see Fred Thompson drop out this week at any given time which means his 8 or 9 points will be dispersed to someone, probably Huckabee and Romney I’d guess.