Video: John Edwards Pleads For Attention In Nevada

In a desperate attempt to bring attention to what John Edwards is claiming to be media bias, his campaign released a new ad highlighting all the times he’s been excluded from news and commentary:

Here’s a related story from the Guardian:

In his final appearance in the state before Nevada Democrats choose a presidential nominee tomorrow, John Edwards accused the media of ignoring his candidacy.

Addressing about 200 campaign volunteers outside his headquarters, the former North Carolina senator ramped up his criticism of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

While Edwards has long used an aggressive tone on the campaign trail, he hasn’t typically gone after his rivals by name. The change in tone suggests Edwards’ campaign knows the stakes are high in this contest, as he seeks momentum that will carry him into the Democratic primary in South Carolina next week.

Under a bright blue sky, Edwards attacked Clinton for taking large contributions from the oil and gas industries, and Obama for saying in a recent interview that the late Ronald Reagan “changed the trajectory of America”.

I will agree with Edwards that it does appear the media has focused solely on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. However, Edwards didn’t win either Iowa or New Hampshire so he is nowhere near the perceived front runner. The polls have him reasonably close in Nevada, where he’ll still take probably a solid 3rd place. The same holds true in South Carolina where holds a barely double-digit 3rd place on average.

My point here in all this is that Edwards has participated in every single debate, raised a decent amount of money, and has been given the same opportunity the other candidates have. His message and personality haven’t resonated the same way Obama and Clinton has.


After John Edwards’ astounding 4% blowout loss in Nevada, it becomes more and more obvious why the media isn’t paying much attention to him. This is a two-person race on the Democratic side.

The polls were outrageously off having him even remotely close Obama and Clinton. He didn’t even scrape double-digits. John, it’s time to exit stage left.