Official: Clinton, Romney Win Nevada Caucuses – Video Added

Those are going to be the official results fairly soon.

Here’s a story from My Way:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Nevada caucuses Saturday, powering past Barack Obama in a hard-fought race marred by last-minute charges of dirty politics. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney easily won the Republican contest.

The victory marked a second-straight campaign triumph for the former first lady, who gained an upset victory over Obama in last week’s New Hampshire primary.

Clinton was gaining roughly half the vote in a three-way Democratic race, with Obama at about 45 percent and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards placing a distant third.

Romney said Republicans had cast their votes for change – and that he was the man to provide it.

I don’t think this changes anything for Romney in South Carolina. He’ll take either 3rd or 4th if Thompson can best him.

For Hillary Clinton I believe this will bring back her feeling of “inevitability” in her campaign. At this point, Iowa can be played off as a fluke and she can go into South Carolina on Jan. 26th with some real momentum. She’ll need it too because as of now, Obama is leading South Carolina quite handily.

I’ll update this post later with some victory speeches once they’re given. I haven’t seen anything yet but maybe I missed it. Leave a comment if I did.


Here’s a little video of Clinton and Romney speaking about their victories:

Kind of cheeky for Fox to interrupt Hillary like that since Romney wasn’t directly addressing his victory. The Democratic race in Nevada was much more important than the Republican one.