Official 2008 South Carolina Republican Primary Results

It’s nearing 7pm eastern time and South Carolina polls will be closing soon, refresh this post shortly for the live updates:


33 – McCain – Projected Winner
30 – Huckabee
16 – Thompson
15 – Romney
4 – Paul
2 – Giuliani

95% Precincts Reporting

Refresh this post for the live updates.

Update @ 6:52 pm eastern

Polls close in South Carolina at 7pm, results should start rolling soon thereafter.

Note, the South Carolina Democratic Primary is on January 26th.

Update @ 7:01pm eastern

Polls are closed in South Carolina, results coming shortly. Exit polls show it’s too close to call.

Exit polls show McCain winning 32%, Huckabee second at 27%. Of course, they’re just exit polls but they tend to be fairly accurate.

Update @ 7:57pm eastern

Fox News is reporting Duncan Hunter is dropping out of the race, more on this later. Fred Thompson is currently speaking to supporters.

Update @ 8:34pm eastern

Thompson seems to be holding on to 3rd. If that happens, I can see him moving forward into Florida and maybe sticking it out to Super Tuesday.

Update @ 9:18pm eastern

The Associated Press and Fox News are calling McCain the winner.