Official 2008 Nevada Caucus Results

Results have begun pouring in and here are the latest results for both sides, refresh this post for the latest updates:


51 – Clinton – Projected Winner
45 – Obama
4 – Edwards

98% Precincts Reported


51 – Romney – Projected Winner
14 – Paul
13 – McCain
8 – Huckabee
8 – Thompson
4 – Giuliani

99% Precincts Reporting

Refresh this post for the latest updates.

Update @ 3:40pm est

Romney has been projected the winner on the Republican side. There are only a handful of returns counted on the Democratic side so those results will change dramatically as some meaningful results come in. I’ll keep it updated as results come in. Refresh this post for the latest updates.

Democratic results aren’t really expected in full until about 5pm eastern.

Update @ 4:07pm est

Fox News and CNN are now projecting Hillary Clinton the winner in Nevada.