Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Republican Caucus

This was to be expected and the results are still rolling in. Romney is the projected winner on the Republican side. The Democratic race is still too close to call and we’ll have more on that in a few minutes.

Story from Yahoo!:

Mitt Romney won Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada on Saturday while John McCain and Mike Huckabee dueled in a hard-fought South Carolina primary, a campaign doubleheader likely to winnow the crowded field of White House rivals.

In a statement released while he flew to Florida, site of the Jan. 29 primary, Romney said Nevada Republicans had cast their votes for change. “With a career spent turning around businesses, creating jobs and imposing fiscal discipline, I am ready to get my hands on Washington and turn it inside out,” it said.

Romney’s western victory marked a second straight success for the former Massachusetts governor, coming quickly after a first-place finish in the Michigan primary revived a faltering campaign.

Apparently the overwhelming early returns have him winning by as much as 51%.

Some video from Fox News:

I’ll have the latest for the Democratic candidates in a new post as the results are coming out but no winner has been projected yet.