Obama, Clinton Tied Yet Again Heading Into Nevada

The latest two polls out of Nevada, or should I say, the only recent polls out of Nevada have Obama, Clinton, and even Edwards in a close three-way tie yet again. If anything, Hillary might be up by a point so it’s a dead heat.

This makes the whole thing exciting but I also think it shows how conflicted voters are over their choices. Not conflicted in a bad way, but Democratic voters seem to almost be split equally in Nevada among their top three choices.

In related news, the lawsuit to change the Nevada caucus times has been dismissed.

Short clip on that from Headline News:

Story from Yahoo!:

LAS VEGAS – A union with ties to Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton failed in court Thursday to prevent casino workers from caucusing at special precincts in Nevada.

The ruling by U.S. District Court Judge James Mahan was presumed to be a boost for Clinton rival Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday because he has been endorsed by the union representing many of the shift workers who will be able to use the precincts on the Las Vegas strip.

“State Democrats have a First Amendment right to association, to assemble and to set their own rules,” Mahan said.

Nevada’s Democratic Party approved creation of the precincts to make it easier for housekeepers, waitresses and bellhops to caucus during the day near work rather than have to do so in their neighborhoods.

The state teachers union, which has ties to Clinton, brought the suit against the special precincts shortly after local 226 of the Culinary Workers Union endorsed Obama for the Democratic nomination. The union is the largest in Nevada, with 60,000 members. The Clinton campaign said it was not involved in the suit.

The caucus format clearly favors Obama, as witnessed in Iowa. It’s a much more intimate setting and I’m thinking that Obama could pull out a victory with the polls as tight as they are.

In short, the polls are showing a very close race for the Democrats in Nevada and I’m betting they’re correct. If this lawsuit is perceived by voters as an attempt by Clinton supporters to gain an advantage, that too could cause some backlash.