Video: Dick Morris Analyzes the 2008 Race

Dick Morris was on the O’Reilly Factor earlier tonight (1/16/08) discussing the race after Michigan for the Republicans and briefly discussing the chance of Barack Obama as a VP on the Democratic side.

I would generally agree with Morris’ assessment so far for the Republicans. South Carolina is going to be interesting, especially if Romney, McCain, or Huckabee actually pick up another win. Of course, Romney’s already won 2 states since everyone forgets about poor old Wyoming. But still, South Carolina is the all-important Southern primary for the GOP.

The notion of Obama as a VP strikes me as big possibility because of his tremendous likability numbers. He would sort of balance Hillary as the nominee by providing the “warm fuzzy” side. Not that she isn’t warm and fuzzy, but she’s spent so much time proving she’s strong and experienced.

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