Official: Mitt Romney Wins Michigan Republican Primary

Romney has indeed won it, this will be a major morality boost for his campaign which has gone without a victory despite the massive amount of cash they’ve spent. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton garnered the most number of votes but there are no delegates awarded as the national Democratic Party has stripped Michigan of them for moving their primary date. Furthermore, neither Obama nor Edwards were on the Michigan ballot.

Here’s the story on Romney from My Way:

DETROIT (AP) – Mitt Romney scored his first major primary victory Tuesday in his native Michigan, a win he desperately needed to give his weakened candidacy new life and set the stage for a wide-open Republican showdown in South Carolina in just four days.

Romney was the third Republican victor in the first four states to vote in the 2008 primary season, further roiling a volatile nomination fight that lacks a clear favorite.

The former Massachusetts governor defeated John McCain, the Arizona senator who was hoping that independents and Democrats would join Republicans to help him repeat his 2000 triumph here. Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, trailed in third, and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson was waiting for the top three candidates in South Carolina, already campaigning.

Also, here is Romney’s victory speech to supporters:

It was short and sweet. It’s a big boost for his tired campaign but it further complicates the Republican field as there are now 3 separate winners. Now there’s a chance Huckabee or Thompson might win South Carolina. We’ll see in the coming days.