Official 2008 Michigan Primary Results

Here are the official results as they roll in after 8pm eastern, refresh this post for the latest:


39 – Romney – Winner
30 – McCain
16 – Huckabee
6 – Paul
4 – Thompson
3 – Giuliani

100% Precincts Reported


55 – Clinton – Winner, No Delegates Awarded
40 – Uncommitted
4 – Kucinich
1 – Dodd

100% Precincts Reported

Refresh this post for the latest numbers.

Update @ 8:03 pm

Michigan polls are now closed, results should be rolling in soon. Refresh for the latest.

Update @ 8:47 pm

More Michigan polls close at 9pm, we’ll have continued coverage as results roll in.

Update @ 9:44 pm

Will have Romney’s victory speech up soon. Also, he sort of stepped on McCain’s victory speech which I thought was surprising and in poor taste. He could have waited a few minutes and McCain would have been done. Furthermore, for once, Romney’s hair was actually a little messed up.

Update @ 10:21 pm

Here’s Mitt Romney’s victory speech and more:

Official: Mitt Romney Wins Michigan Republican Primary