MSNBC 1/15 Nevada Democratic Debate Analysis – Video Added

It’s now around 9:10 pm eastern and it has started live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

My initial reaction is that this appears to be a much more subdued, more civil event. The issue of race was almost immediately put to rest on the first question where Clinton explained that supporters sometimes get out of line and this shouldn’t be about race. Obama immediately agreed with her statement. Moving on, I’ll have more comments and video clips as they come out.

Update @ 9:52 pm

I think John Edwards’ biggest problem is that Obama and Clinton basically steal his message. Not steal it as if they’re copying him, but that his message isn’t that different from their’s and neither are his proposals. He can’t compete with their star power on a national level.

Also, Kucinich lost his last minute appeal so he was excluded by MSNBC based on Iowa and New Hampshire results.

Update @ 10:12 pm

Some clips now rolling in, here’s the opening questions on race:

More analysis and clips to come.

Update @ 11:03 pm

It’s over and done. My overall impression is that very little personal attacks were launched, it largely remained solely a discussion of the issues, which is good. There were some minor discrepancies over the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility in Nevada. Also, some more heated discussion over issues such as Edwards saying that Obama and Clinton have taken cash from big corporations.

It was largely civil. What was everyone else’s opinion? Also, if you missed it, I’ll have the entire video up in a couple hours.


Here’s the entire debate video:

Video: MSNBC Democratic Debate From Las Vegas, Nevada 1/15/08