What’s Up With Michigan’s Democratic Primary? – Video Added

I’m attempting to answer that question because nobody seems to know what’s going on. So here’s the deal from The Caucus:

What do you do if you’re a Democrat in Michigan?

Tomorrow is Primary Day, but the Democratic National Committee has said that it won’t allow Michigan’s delegates to vote at the national convention this summer because the state violated party rules by holding its primary before Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.

And anyway, the only major candidates on the Democratic ticket are Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mike Gravel and Dennis J. Kucinich, since the others took their names off after the D.N.C. ruling.

So, again, what to do?

There’s a slight chance that the D.N.C. could change its mind sometime down the road and allow Michigan’s delegates to count, and Mrs. Clinton potentially could get a boost if she wins. This unlikely scenario is being viewed as enough of a threat to supporters of Barack Obama and John Edwards that they’re calling on Michigan Democrats to vote “uncommitted” on the ballot.

If “uncommitted” gets at least 15 percent of the vote, there’ll be a separate delegate selection meeting to determine who the uncommitted delegates should represent.

At this point, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has not withdrawn her name from the ballot. Also, the state’s delegates are not being counted at this point so it’s basically a waste of time.

Therefore, for Michigan, the Republican primary is really the only one that matters tomorrow and we’ll be covering it as results start rolling in. Also, there’s a Democratic debate on MSNBC from Nevada at 9pm.


Here’s an interview of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) with Wolf Blitzer today discussing the Michigan Democratic primary and why she’s upset at the Democratic candidates:

Dissing Michigan may indeed hurt the Democrats since many voters may perceive them as ignoring the economic downturn in the state. Most of which has come from high taxes and union control but the Democrats aren’t there speaking of it since all but Hillary have withdrawn.