Romney, McCain Tied Heading Into Michigan

The Michigan Republican Primary takes place tomorrow (1/15/08) starting at 7am.

A short video report on tomorrow’s events:

Right now, McCain and Romney are tied according to the RealClearPolitics poll averages. Romney is at 27 while McCain is running at 26.3. The next closest, Huckabee, is a distant 3rd to those numbers at 15.9 and will probably end up in that spot. Paul, Giuliani, and Thompson are all sort of battling for 4th place in Michigan.

Here’s a story on Michigan from Breitbart:

US Republican candidates made passionate pitches for economic hope to voters in the struggling blue-collar state of Michigan Monday on the eve of its White House nominating contest.

New national polls showed Senator John McCain leading the Republican field after his comeback in last week’s New Hampshire primary, with Mitt Romney fighting to save his campaign in Michigan, where his father was once governor.

The first poll gave McCain a national lead of 33 percent to 18 percent for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who won the lead-off Iowa caucus nomination.

The Michigan primary is a close race between the two and Romney, with Republican voters narrowly favoring the former Massachusetts governor, according to local polls.

Romney has vowed to fight on regardless of Tuesday’s result, but a third defeat, in the state of his birth, could damage his chances beyond repair.

At this point, and I’m hesitant to even give a prediction, I’d give the nod to Romney. However, McCain has this way of winning with independents and since it’s this close, he could easily pull it out. Romney’s got home field advantage but I don’t know if it will be enough. A loss in Michigan is going to send the Romney campaign into a serious state of discussion and question where they have to determine why he just can’t get a win.

We’ll have full coverage of the Republican Michigan primary as well as the MSNBC Democratic debate at 9pm, both on Tuesday, 1/15/08.

See you then.

Update @ 7:37 pm

Here’s a link to the official results:

Official 2008 Michigan Primary Results