McCain, Romney Battle Over Michigan

The two have all but written off South Carolina for now as they focus on winning Michigan. For Romney it’s personal as his family was big there. For McCain, he’s got a chance there and a win could certainly help him heading into South Carolina.

Here’s a video report on Romney’s efforts:

While it may not be do-or-die for Romney in Michigan, it sure would be disappointing to lose yet another state and specifically, a state where has good name recognition. He’s got the money to easily stick it out until Super Tuesday which I’m sure he will be doing even if he loses Michigan.

Michigan is chock full of independents similar to New Hampshire which seems to favor McCain. Right now McCain is leading on average and I’d honestly have to give him an edge in Michigan. He’s got some momentum coming from New Hampshire, something Romney hasn’t captured yet with two 2nd place finishes so far.


As a commenter pointed out, Romney did indeed win Wyoming which I overlooked. Still, I don’t think that’s going to do much for him since it was not widely publicized and has been largely ignored. He did win there but that’s not going to weigh on the minds of Michigan or South Carolina voters.