Has Fred Thompson Awakened Conservatives?

If you listen to the conservative pundits, it would seem that way. For months now, none of them have seemed to settle on a Republican candidate. They like Romney but he’s been wishy washy on social issues, Huckabee is good but his record appears liberal, and others like McCain and Giuliani have their individual issues with conservative voters.

Just on Thursday, Shaun Daily asked me on his podcast why I thought Fred Thompson had not caught on with conservatives. I said that I couldn’t actually explain it other than the fact that until now, he had seemed distant and perhaps turned a bunch of them off worried that he didn’t have what it took to go all the way.

I say all this to setup this clip from Hot Air of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh all but endorsing Thompson:

That’s a major boon to Fred who, up until South Carolina, was looking at dire straights in terms of cash and the chance to pull off a victory.

I think we’ll see if the polls reflect any bounce in the next couple days but having Limbaugh praise him so highly can only help him against the other candidates who’s records on conservative issues don’t seem nearly as strong.