Campaigning Heads to Michigan, Nevada

For the Republicans, it’s off to Michigan to compete in the primary coming up on the 15th.

Here’s a video from tonight’s Special Report:

It’s crunch time for Romney here, a loss in Michigan is going to sting but not so much hurt him anymore than losing New Hampshire did. South Carolina is still a toss up and, as we’ve seen from the Democrats in New Hampshire, polls can’t always be trusted.

Next, on to the Democrats who head to Nevada for the caucus on the 19th since their Michigan primary has been stripped of delegates.

Video from Special Report:

The big question here is who will win the tiebreaker in Nevada and then South Carolina? Hillary’s still looking good in Nevada but Obama has some strong support in South Carolina.

If New Hampshire taught me anything, it’s that my wife called it correctly for Hillary. The second she saw her get choked up on Monday she said that women would come voter for her in droves out of emotion, which they appear to have done. Therefore, on future contests, I will defer to her predictions. 🙂