A look back at the caucuses of NH and Iowa

One has to wonder after following the stories in the mass media if American really gets it. I mean seriously “gets it”. A New Hampshire primary featured a candidate on every corner with chants of “change” at every campaign stop and headquarters. Yet….. they voted for McCain and Clinton….where’s the change in that?

A courageous Iowa, tired of the same old school politicians opted for something new and refreshing, they of course voted for Obama and Huckabee. Obviously the entire country isn’t completely lost. While I don’t back either of these candidates, it certainly showed the determination in the minds of Iowan voters that we need change and we need it fast.

On a news day as such, one can find topics like “Bush in the middle east to push for peace” or “Obama underdog again?” or even “Iran says American warship fabricated confrontation video” and one comes to realize the nature of the beast that is….. Mass Media.

Is this an election to be determined once again by the mass media, the only force capable of swaying the minds of voters? Could incorrect or inaccurate media reports, post caucus, effect the minds of voters in other states? It certainly appears that way. Only a mere 12 hours ago the contest was still on and now here we are with all sorts of media analysis that really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans on the side of fact.

I hardly see how a marginal loss to Hillary in one state constitutes Obama being an “underdog once again.” Just the same that I don’t see how Fox can call Clinton and McCain the “comeback kids” based on one caucus win. A little offbeat example but perfect nonetheless is this:

A month ago an investigation into the murder of a college student who led a double life as an internet nude model was underway. Eventually they caught the responsible party. The entire time the search was on for this guy, the girl was labeled an internet porn star. Not that I’m into porn but I found this particularly offensive as the story reported that she merely engaged in nude modeling, no sex or self pleasing was involved. Just still photos of nude poses. How did Fox manage to label her a porn star? Yeah it’s pornographic, but porn star? Hardly. She was little known obviously to the point no one was aware of it, she was leading a double life….. how could she then be a porn STAR? The media effectively was destroying the name and memory of a dead woman. That’s SICK.

In a country where politicians like corporate politician John Edwards will continue to spend millions on an inevitable loss in the run for Presidency, one really has to wonder what direction this country is ultimately headed and if anyone in the current pool of so called “talent” is capable of turning things around. Perhaps the mass media will choose our next president for us as it nearly did with the Bush/Gore election.

– The Angry American