Official 2008 New Hampshire Primary Results

Here are the latest results, refresh for updates:


39.09 – Clinton – Winner
36.45 – Obama
16.95 – Edwards
4.60 – Richardson
1.35 – Kucinich

100% Precincts Reporting


37.01 – McCain – Winner
31.57 – Romney
11.22 – Huckabee
8.54 – Giuliani
7.65 – Paul
1.21 – Thompson

100% Precincts Reporting

Refresh this post for the latest results.

Update @ 7:32 pm

Initial results are coming in, updating shortly.

Update @ 8 pm

All polls now closed in New Hampshire, results will be coming out in the next few minutes, refresh this post for the latest.

Fox News exit polls showing McCain and Obama wining, unofficially of course.

Update @ 8:11 pm

John McCain is now the projected winner on the Republican side, big surprise. No projection on the Democratic side yet.

Update @ 9:05 pm

Still no projection for the Democrats, Hillary has been carrying a pretty steady lead.

Update @ 10:11 pm

Still no projection for the Dems but Hillary’s looking better and better as the results roll in.

Update @ 10:41 pm

The Associated Press has now called Hillary the projected winner but other outlets haven’t yet.

Update @ 10:48 pm

Fox News is also calling Hillary as is the Drudge Report. Looks like she defied the polls and took back her lead.

Will have Clinton’s and McCain’s victory speeches soon. Obama is now conceding.