Video: New Hampshire Primary Counting Begins

It’s about 12:04 am on Tuesday and the counting has begun in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

Here is video of the counting process going down, it’s somewhat humorous since all this nonsense is made over 17 votes.

The official count from 17 votes at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire:


4 – McCain
2 – Romney
1 – Giuliani
0 – Huckabee
0 – Paul
0 – Thompson


7 – Obama
2 – Edwards
1 – Richardson
0 – Clinton

Stay tuned for later today (1/8) as we’ll have a new post with live meaningful results coming in sometime around 8pm eastern time.


Here are the results from another early voting town, Hart’s Location, New Hampshire. Results from

Here are the actual results from Hart’s Location, New Hampshire:


9 – Obama
3 – Clinton
1 – Edwards


6 – McCain
5 – Huckabee
4 – Paul
1 – Romney

So far, the trend is toward Obama and McCain with a couple handfuls of votes cast. We’ll see if this continues throughout the day tomorrow.

We’ll have continued updates throughout the day. Time for some sleep, 2:52 am.