All-Day Updates: New Hampshire Primaries

So it’s about 1:02 pm now and voting is well underway, here’s the latest news coming out so far.

The Drudge Report is currently reporting that there is record turnout for Democratic voters and, as a result, ballot shortages are being experience around the state:

Secretary of State is making runs to Seacoast – Hampton, Portsmouth – and Southern Hillsborough – Pelham, Nashua – to bring extra democratic ballots. Many towns are reporting shortages… Developing…

That’s going to bode well for Obama, who I’m expecting to win handily tonight. McCain and Romney could be a lot closer, especially when you factor in independents.

Here’s a video report from the AP:

Independents flocking to Obama may well just save Romney and hand him his first victory. McCain does indeed have a lot riding on this, if he does lose, he doesn’t have that much further to go.

I’ll continue updates as news comes out this afternoon and evening. Results are expected to start coming in around 8pm or so.

Update @ 2:05 pm

Apparently the Clinton camp is planning on a loss in New Hampshire and tomorrow her campaign is going through a big shakeup, story from FirstRead:

CLINTON: The New York Times writes, “Key campaign officials may be replaced. She may start calling herself the underdog. Donors would receive pleas that it is do-or-die time. And her political strategy could begin mirroring that of Rudolph W. Giuliani, a Republican rival, by focusing on populous states like California and New York whose primaries are Feb. 5. Everything is on the table inside Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign if she loses the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, her advisers say – including her style of campaigning, which shifted dramatically on Monday when Mrs. Clinton bared her thoughts about the race’s impact on her personally, and her eyes welled with tears.”

That’s not even the half of it. Paul Begala and James Carville are apparently being tapped as new advisers to her campaign. I think they’re starting to come to grips with the Obama-mania happening in these early states and are about to bring out the big guns. I’m thinking that this campaign will get a lot nastier before it gets better between Obama and Clinton.

No more news really, I’ll be back through the afternoon with more updates if they’re warranted.

Update from Angry 4:20 CST

Last night’s voting results can be found here:

New Hampshire Primary Counting Begins

Update @ 5:53 pm eastern by Nate

Here’s a small video montage I strung together of some of today’s sights and sounds from the trail:

Also, here’s a report from My Way on the record turnout:

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – John McCain placed his revived Republican presidential campaign on the line against a weakened but determined Mitt Romney as New Hampshire primary voters came out in large numbers Tuesday. Barack Obama declared Americans were ready to “cast aside cynicism” as he looked for a convincing win in the Democratic contest.

Weather was spring-like and participation brisk, although it remained to be seen whether New Hampshire would match the record-busting turnout of the Iowa caucuses won by Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee only five days earlier. Republicans, their national race for the nomination tangled, watched a New Hampshire contest unfold between McCain and Romney at the top of their field, polls indicating McCain had an edge but no clear-cut advantage.

The weather was beautiful today which is probably bringing a lot more people out.


We’ll have official results as soon as they roll in here:

Official 2008 New Hampshire Primary Results