Fox News Loading Their “Focus Group” With Actors? – Update: No

Well, you tell me. Take a look at this image which came from this video on YouTube which purports to catch the same man participating in 2 separate Fox News Frank Luntz post-debate focus groups:

Fox Focus Group Actor

He looks amazingly similar, so much so that he does appear to be the same man. What do you think? I’m not ready to say for certain it’s the same person only because come on, like they wouldn’t know someone would notice.

This info came to me courtesy of The New Conservative.

Update @ 9:35pm

False alarm in my opinion as a new video clip I am currently uploading will explain why people participate multiple times in the focus groups. Frank Luntz explained that it is to track people’s votes over time which makes perfect logical sense. He was on Hannity & Colmes earlier with some Republican voters. I’ll have the video up shortly.

Here’s the video:

Therefore, that very likely is indeed the same man and he’s there purposely to track how his vote has changed as the campaign moves forward. Nothing special, nothing hidden, no “paid actors” to shill for a candidate. Expect to see more people participating multiple times as the debates and campaign continues. Called this one “debunked”.