The January 5th Debates…Ron’s take.

Hey everyone…well once again YouDecide2008 has proven again why they are the leader in all things 2008…great coverage of the back to back ABC debate last evening.

I do want to insert my 2 cents however and my points were slightly hit on allready.

First on the Republican side…The messages were scripted and predictable…not one candidate is willing to go out on a limb this early in the primaries and truly break from the pack, with the exception of Ron Paul who has and will continue to reside on that limb for the duration.  With that said it was quite obvious to me that everyone was united in one effort…destroy Ron Paul.

Paul only garnered 10% of Iowa’s votes but it did send a message that he should be considered a “player” and perhaps his message of drastic change should be observed.  Each and every time Paul stopped speaking one of the toher candidates would jump on his words, twist them around and make Paul look feeble and wrong…when in reality love him or hate him, Paul makes sound judgements of this nation’s woes and has some realistic and drastic ideas for change.  Change is now the new keyword of the race.  Thanks Obama.

So overall, besides Huckabee’s rip on Romney that clearly tripped him up in mid sentence (see video below)….the Republican debate can really be a story of how they were united in pushing Paul out all together.  The question is will the voters allow it to happen or will they see all of this as transparent politics.

Now onto the Democratic debate….but first what happened in between.  Charles Gibson asked all candidates to come out onto the stage and be seen as one gaggle.  I’m not sure of this was scripted…90% sure it was but I must say…I liked it.  Maybe ABC news is trying to stem the flow of rhetoric and slander and dirty politics by getting all of these folks together in one palce, at one time…no questions, just a meet and greet.  Once thing stood out to me when this happened….McCain clearly, truly…”likes” Barack Obama…it was unmistakable.  Perhaps if these two gentlemen turn out to be the nominees we will see clear, honest open dialogue of two candidates for the first time in my memory…wouldn’t that be nice?

 So, the Democrats…Well once again…canned messages and nothing really break out or new but the political jockying was in full effect.  Mission of the Obama and Edwards camps has become crystal clear…DESTROY Hillary.  Taking her out of the race paves a clear path for a two candidate race to nomination.  Both Edwards and Obama repeatadely stressed they are the candidates of change versus experience…hitting on that now successful theme of the race.

It was obvious on numerous occasions that whenever Hillary attacked Obama or Edwards or both of them, they reacted in unison to quickly cut off the attack and flank her with like minded and well crafted counterattacks.  I hope I didn’t get anyone bogged down with my military jargon.  I would dare say that Obama and Edwards are allready the defacto ticket of the Democratic party and are behaving as such.  Bill Richardson was also there.

Many more debates to come as you have read…but I believe the debates for the time being are less about the candidates messages and more about tearing down thier opposition in an effort to narrow the field.

That all for now from Ron and Tom

We will be back on Tuesday January 8th, and Wednesday January 9th with complete covergae of the New Hampshire Primary, so stay tuned.

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