Ron Paul’s Town Hall Forum in New Hampshire

As a sort of protest to being excluded from Sunday’s Fox News Republican Forum, Ron Paul held a live town hall event broadcast on C-SPAN and live on his site.

Here’s a report from

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Shut out of a GOP presidential candidate forum sponsored by Fox News, Ron Paul staged his own televised town hall meeting today in which he fielded questions from undecided voters two days before the key primary election here.

The Lake Jackson Republican congressman faced a range of questions from the audience of about 100 people in the public access television station several miles from where four other presidential contenders were to later participate in the Fox debate.

Paul responded to one participant who asked why he should chose the libertarian-leaning Texan over more mainstream GOP contenders such as Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, saying he had been more consistent in his views than his rivals.

“They are seen as flip-floppers,” Paul said. “People look at my record and say he’s a stick-to-his guns guy.”

One voter noted that Paul was running hard-hitting ads that pledged a crackdown on illegal immigration. He suggested that the campaign promise would entail a beefed up federal bureaucracy and would be inconsistent with Paul’s philosophy of reduced government.

Paul said his plan would not mean more federal employees, but rather would bring home border guards now serving in Iraq.

Also, you can watch the entire video here:

VIDEO: Ron Paul Town Hall, Parts 1 & 2

Whether you can stand Paul or not (I usually cannot), I feel he was wrongly excluded from the Fox forum since, after all, he is polling well ahead of Thompson and about tied with Giuliani in New Hampshire. Therefore, he should have been at the forum.