Fox News New Hampshire Republican Forum Analysis

It’s about 8:10pm and it has started for a few minutes now. I’ll give a little running commentary as things progress. Refresh for the latest.

First off, Wallace has attempted to start a brawl over tax records, Huckabee and Romney are taking some barbs. They’re still going at it with Romney telling Huckabee he’s “making up facts”.

I was looking forward to seeing Ron Paul signs plastered all over the window behind the candidates but they must have tried to keep them under control.

I’ll continue giving more updates and analysis as we go along. Also, I’ll have some clips up once it finishes.

Update @ 8:21pm

Romney has been a bit more eager to come out and respond harder to the some of the criticism on him. Many complained last night that he was weak. Huckabee is coming off well so far. McCain hasn’t ignited all that much.

Update @ 8:37pm

Break time and so far it’s been pretty mild. Nothing new we didn’t already know. I think McCain has been lackluster thus far. Romney and Huckabee both have done well responding to each other. Thompson and Giuliani have been sort of non-factors in this whole thing since neither of them are really competitive in New Hampshire. Ron Paul should have been included over Thompson in my opinion.

Update @ 9:18pm

Here are some clips coming out courtesy of Hot Air:

More analysis and clips coming soon.

Update @ 9:39pm

Another clip:

It’s over and I would say that Huckabee and Romney emerged looking good. McCain sounded weak and basically stated that he would prefer to ignore his record and talk about the future. I thought he let a lot of attacks by Romney go unanswered and it appear to make him look as if he wasn’t ready to defend his record and previous statements.

Romney seemed to be the focus since he’s spent lots of time attacking McCain and Huckabee. I thought he got the most face time and did well, this forum probably helped him a fair amount compared to the last night’s ABC News Republican debate.

One more clip:

Working on getting the full video up if you missed it, check back here later tonight or tomorrow to watch the entire video.


Here is the entire video:

Fox News Republican Forum from New Hampshire – 1/6/08