Full Results: Mitt Romney Wins Wyoming Republican Caucus

Yes, there was a Republican caucus held today (1/5/08) in Wyoming.

Here are the percentage totals:

67 – Mitt Romney – Winner
25 – Fred Thompson
8 – Duncan Hunter

100% Precincts Reporting

All others won zero as the vote totals are converted into delegates by some ridiculous algorithms and such.

Here’s the story from Breitbart:

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) – Mitt Romney’s attention to Wyoming paid off Saturday as he won most of the 12 presidential delegates at stake in the state’s Republican county conventions.

The former Massachusetts governor gained the first four delegates and six of the first eight to be selected Saturday. Fred Thompson and California Rep. Duncan Hunter, who both also visited Wyoming, won the other two that had been decided, meaning no other candidate could beat Romney.

Coming two days after the Iowa caucuses and three days before the New Hampshire primary, the early date of the Wyoming GOP county conventions was intended to draw candidates’ attention to the state, but has had only modest results.

Republican hopefuls Romney, Hunter, Fred Thompson and Ron Paul all stopped by the state—visits they probably wouldn’t have made except for this year’s early conventions—and candidates have sent Wyoming’s GOP voters a flood of campaign mail.

This doesn’t really mean too much other than it’s reason for the Romney campaign to have some hope in New Hampshire. However, nobody is even covering this story and most people didn’t even know a caucus was taking place today, the media has ignored it.

I’ll keep this post updated once all precincts report but Romney has won overwhelmingly.

Update @ 9:48pm

Those are the final numbers listed above with 100% reporting. Congrats to Romney.


Note, the Democratic Wyoming Caucus will take place on March 8th.