ABC News 1/5 Democratic Debate Analysis

It’s about 10:30pm and they’re just finishing up.

Overall it was much more subdued than the Republican debate in my opinion. It didn’t appear to me that any candidate took it hard on the chin. Perhaps Obama lost a little with some of Gibson’s questioning.

Here’s the story from ABC News:

Sen. Barack Obama got some unexpected help in tonight’s New Hampshire debate with Sen. Hillary Clinton: former Sen. John Edwards, who snatched second place from Clinton in Iowa’s caucus on Thursday. Comparing her to the “forces for status quo,” Edwards said that Obama “believes deeply in change and I believe deeply in change? Anytime you speak out for change, this is what happens. The forces for status quo are going to attack.”

Edwards also defended Obama against Clinton’s charge that Obama has switched his positions on health care and the Patriot Act. “To say that Barack Obama is having an argument with himself is not fair.” Clinton shot back: “Making change is not about what you believe or what you say, it’s about working hard.” Raising her voice, she said, “I want to make change, but I’ve already made change. I’m not running on the promise of change. But on 35 years of change.”

The back and forth got so heated that fourth-place candidate Bill Richardson quipped, “I’ve been in hostile negotiations that are a lot more civil than this.” And the man at the center of the action, Obama, chose to step back, parrying Clinton’s attacks. “What is important that we don’t…try to distort each other’s records” and rather work toward “solving problems and bringing people together.”

I think that all three of them came out about the same as they went in. There were some moments but for the most part, Hillary did well and Edwards was able to stay on his record and avoid many attacks.

Hillary probably some high moments when she basically accused Obama and Edwards of being all talk and no action. In fact, she used the word “action” like 8 times in trying to describe herself.

Here’s a playlist of clips, there’s 4 and they’ll advance automatically:

We’ll have the entire video of this debate coming online later sometime tonight if you missed it so probably check back later or tomorrow to watch it in full.


Here is the entire video of the ABC Democratic debate:

Video: ABC News Democratic Debate From New Hampshire – 1/5/08