Video: Huckabee, Obama Give Victory Speeches

Here are the videos of Huckabee and Obama speaking to their supporters after winning the Iowa caucuses on January 2, 2008.

First, Huckabee since it was on TV first:

He has a powerful positive message which is ironic since things got a bit dirty in the last few days before the caucuses. What an astonishing job though to win in the face of Romney with millions more and a tremendous ground organization which clearly proved to be weak compared to Huckabee’s widespread evangelical support.

Next, here is Obama’s speech to supporters. It was a bit longer and is in 2 parts which will advance automatically:

Again, another tremendously positive message in the face of a Clinton campaign machine which took out all the stops in the remaining days up to the caucus. I think this win is huge for Obama. First, it proves that in an area that is 95% predominantly white, there is no hesitation on voting for a minority which knocks down that nonsense. Second, it has knocked down the Clinton political machine which now has to lick it’s wounds and regroup for New Hampshire where the next fight will be intense.

Congratulations to Obama and Huckabee.