Hillary Declares Herself Candidate For the Youth Movement.

From the Yahoo AP

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 38 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – It wasn’t long ago that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign scoffed at the notion that young voters would deliver an election. How quickly things can change.

Just seconds into her speech Friday morning, Clinton was declaring herself the candidate for America’s youth ? stealing a page from the new Democratic presidential front-runner, Barack Obama. The night before, the under-30 crowd came out in larger numbers than ever in Iowa caucuses normally dominated by the AARP-card set, delivering victory for the Illinois senator who promised to bring change to Washington.

That’s why after her third-place finish in Iowa, Clinton got off her plane in New Hampshire and declared: “This is especially about all of the young people in New Hampshire who need a president who won’t just call for change, or a president who won’t just demand change, but a president who will produce change, just like I’ve been doing for 35 years.”

Hillary by all counts is just completely delusional. It seems to me the further into this we get the more delusional she gets. I’m just waiting for her to have a Britney Spears type breakdown. She hasn’t accomplished anything other than self destruction at every turn. Pulling the gender card blew up in her face, pulling the experience card blew up in her face, all the mud slinging blew up in her face, I mean digging into Obama’s elementary school records…wtf? Then she finds herself copying Obama touting Oprah around by toting Bill, Chelsey and Mama Rodham. As if it can’t get any wackier she gives a post Iowa caucus speech as if she had won claiming she was ready to lead and how great a night it was for democrats. And now she’s mimicking Obama’s campaign once more with this new claim….. So is there anything she won’t do in order to try and win the presidency? Short answer…no.

By the time this election is all over she’ll wind up in some loony bin where she’ll have inaugurated herself as Queen high socialist dictator of the world and she’ll enjoy eating fig newtons while sipping on juice boxes as Chelsey reads The Little Engine That Could on her weekly visitation day.