Official 2008 Iowa Caucus Results

I will keep this post updated every few minutes as live caucus results come on.. refresh for the latest..


34.41 – Huckabee – Winner
25.23 – Romney
13.40 – Thompson
13.11 – McCain
9.96 – Paul
3.45 – Giuliani
0.44 – Hunter

Alan Keyes’ votes were considered write-in and have not been counted yet.

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37.58 – Obama – Winner
29.75 – Edwards
29.47 – Clinton
2.11 – Richardson
0.93 – Biden
0.14 – Uncommitted
0.02 – Dodd
0 – Kucinich
0 – Gravel

100% Reporting

Refresh this post for the latest results.

Update @ 9:07pm

Fox News is declaring Huckabee the winner on the Republican side. Democrats are still way too close to call it seems.

Update @ 9:25pm

Huckabee is the definite winner.

Obama is currently leading but it’s still too close to call. Hillary’s still stuck at 3rd.

Update @ 9:30pm

Fox News now calling Obama the winner for the Democrats.

Will post a full report with analysis once the results are complete.

Update @ 10:31pm

Looks like Hillary may take 3rd for the Democrats. McCain is slowly overtaking Thompson for 3rd on the Republican side.

Update @ 1:19am

Looks like those will be about the official results. I’ll update them tomorrow with vote totals and more information. Also looks like Thompson inched out a victory over McCain by a couple hundred votes. The big loser here is Hillary Clinton in a tumultuous 3rd place.