Video: Latest Iowa News, 3 Days to Go

Here is some of the latest news coming out of Iowa at this point. According to the polls, it’s still a fairly tight race on each side and basically open for Obama, Clinton, or possibly more of a long shot Edwards to take first place on the Democratic side. For the Republicans, Huckabee and Romney are duking it out down these last few days hoping to sway voters.

Here’s a video report from CNN on what both sides are currently doing:

Iowa is Huckabee’s only chance to win the nomination. If he does not win Iowa he will be in even weaker shape heading to South Carolina. I bypass New Hampshire for him because Romney or McCain will probably win there.

On the Democratic side, it’s so ridiculously close between the top 3 that it’s way too close to even call. I’m still leaning toward Hillary as I think she may be able to pull it out at the end. If Hillary wins, she will be a very good position for New Hampshire. If Obama or even Edwards pulls the upset then it we’ll have a real fight on our hands.