Video: Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama on Meet the Press 12/30/07

Here, in the order they appeared, are the videos of Huckabee and Obama this morning on Meet the Press:

First, Huckabee’s entire interview:

Next, here’s Obama’s entire interview:

Here’s some analysis from MSNBC’s First Read:

Say this about Huckabee, he really can handle tough questions. Under intense questioning from NBC’s Tim Russert, Huck never lost his cool. He passed the Pakistan pop quiz of sorts and even got in some harsh Romney digs, calling him dishonest. And in defending his running on his faith, Huckabee reminded viewers he didn’t try and replace the Arkansas capital dome with a steeple. Bottom line: The guy is comfortable in his own skin and despite the array of tough questions he received, he never didn’t smile or stay calm.

As far as Obama, who followed Huckabee on Meet the Press, the senator sounded a bit stuffed up. Then again, so are we… Obama stuck behind David Axelrod’s comments about Clinton, her Iraq vote and Pakistan. While he didn’t accept the idea there was a causal relationship with the Iraq vote, he used it as an example on judgment.

Obama compared himself to Bill Clinton and claimed he had more formal foreign policy experience now than Bill Clinton did in ‘92. That’s something the Clinton folks may pounce on.

“We’re not that far away from normal.” Might be one of the more fascinating quotes, he said in terms of saying what he meant when he said his wife said he wouldn’t run again if he lost…

Indeed the Clinton folks will pounce on Obama’s claim even though it’s probably true. Governors and first-term senators probably have about a similar amount of foreign policy experience.