Video: Hillary Clinton, John McCain on This Week 12/30/07

Here are the videos of Clinton and McCain this morning on This Week with George Stephanolopous in the order they appeared.

First, Hillary’s entire interview:

Next, here’s McCain’s entire interview:

Some analysis of both appearances from the LA Times:

In the Democratic race, Clinton said her top rivals, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, offer voters a “false choice” with their overlapping claims that change in Washington can only come from a president entering from outside the power structure.

“It’s not an either-or choice,” she said. “It takes experience to bring about change.”

McCain, appearing after Clinton on “This Week,” dismissed a Romney complaint over the McCain ads in New Hampshire and their quotation of the newspaper editorial that described Romney as “phony.”

“Welcome to the arena,” McCain said, adding: “I didn’t say those words. Those were the Concord Monitor. . . . I paid for the ad that put up the words of the respected newspapers here in the state of New Hampshire. And I think that’s perfectly appropriate.”

But McCain sidestepped a question about whether he personally thought Romney was phony, even though the New Hampshire ad carries the required personal “I approve this message” disclaimer.

“No,” McCain said, “I think he’s a person who’s changed his positions on many issues.”

McCain wants to call Romney a phony but that would be “dirty politics” which he has fought hard to minimize with his campaign finance reform laws.