Final Iowa Push On The Sunday Political Shows

Several candidates will be on the various Sunday political shows tomorrow, 12/30, for their last appearance before the Iowa caucuses.

Here is the rundown of candidate interviews:

ABC This Week With George Stephanopoulos:

-Hillary Clinton – Video
-John McCain – Video

Fox News Sunday:

-Fred Thompson – Video

NBC Meet The Press:

-Mike Huckabee – Video
-Barack Obama – Video

CBS Face The Nation:

-John Edwards – Video

As always, we’ll have every single video of all the interviews uploaded in full so if you miss them, and you will since who can watch them all, they will be archived here. So check back Sunday evening to watch them all in full.

I’m imagining there will be some news made as candidates are getting desperate and there have been many campaign attacks made in the past few days which will probably be answered.